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francine, owner, Venus Naturals
francine, owner,
Venus Naturals

enus Naturals was started in 1996 by Francine Davidovich, a former model for many years and a trained cosmetologist.

Our company manufactures and sells our own line of natural, holistic beauty products. All of our products are completely hypo-allergenic, containing only pure, high quality natural ingredients. We use no chemical additives such as synthetic dyes or thickeners. Venus Naturals combines the best of natural cream making, aromatherapy and herbal science to bring to you the finest all-natural beauty products sold anywhere.

Our consultants include a PhD Chemist, who helps us with our formulations; a Master Herbalist whose company (Thuna Herbals, Toronto, Canada) has a history in herbal medicine going back over 100 years; and Certified Aromatherapists, who make extensive use of essential oils and herbals in their holistic treatments.

Venus Naturals has been selling natural beauty products since 1996 and is a member of the Scarborough Chamber of Commerce.

Natural Breast Enlargement History — How It Started in 1996


i! I’m Francine, former model and owner of Venus Naturals, the company that makes Venus Breast Enhance. Some years ago, as a model, I was concerned about being too flat chested. At that time the only available means of increasing breast size was through surgery. Determined to increase my bust size without resorting to surgery, I developed a series of simple exercises that later became my book ‘The VENUS 15-MINUTE NATURAL BREAST ENLARGEMENT EXERCISE PROGRAM’, a program that really worked for me and many other women too. (this book is now offered as a FREE BONUS with the purchase of Venus Breast Enhance)

In 1996, I started selling my exercise program, first by mail order, then on-line. My original book mentioned herbs that could be taken as a tea or in capsule form that would help increase breast size. This was really nothing new! Herbs had been researched and known to have beneficial effects and some had an estrogen-like effect which promotes growth of breast tissue.

You can understand my surprise that soon after, the first ‘natural breast enlargement cream’ appeared on the market containing, as active ingredients, the very herbs mentioned in my book!

In early 1998, we decided to formulate our own natural breast enlargement cream which sold as ‘Simply Beautiful Breasts’, which we later renamed ‘Venus Creme’, then ‘Venus Breast Enhance’ and started selling it online with the rest of our product line on our Venus Naturals website. At that time there was only one other breast enlargement cream selling on the internet that said they were natural. Other methods selling included hypnosis, suction cups and implants.

By the year 2000, a few more ‘natural’ breast enlargement creams appeared. In addition, and since then, even more herbal ‘supplements’ appeared, claiming to increase breast size.

Venus Breast Enhance is 100% All-Natural

Based on what we have found on the internet, I believe that Venus Breast Enhance is the only breast enlargement cream on the market today that is truly 100% all natural, including all of the ingredients that make up the base cream. These include emulsifyer waxes & oils, preservatives and ‘fragrances’.

How important is this? Well, most creams and lotions on the market, especially the drug store variety (and even the expensive ones sold in department stores), contain synthetic ingredients that can have adverse effects such as allergic reactions. You can even smell these chemicals although they are cleverly covered up using synthetic ‘fragrances’.

The reason chemical additives are so prevalent in the cosmetics industry is two-fold: First, they are cheaper to produce, and second, they allow for a longer shelf life (up to three years)!

Venus Breast Enhance was developed using only naturally derived emulsifyers and preservatives. We do not use sulfates (such as sodium lauryl sulfate) which have long term aging effects on the skin. The subtle fragrances in Venus Breast Enhance are naturally occuring, not synthetic (Venus Creme’s delicate aroma includes a hint of pure jasmine).

Venus Breast Enhance contains beneficial essential oils

Because creams are applied directly to the skin, we added extra ingredients that are most beneficial to the skin. These include myrrh, chamomile and grapefruit seed extract (a powerful anti-oxidant and natural preservative). We also use a rosewater/distilled water combination instead of the usual ‘de-ionized’ water common in the cosmetics industry. Cypress and Fennel were added for its firming and toning action on the skin.

Oil infusions vs alcohol extracts

Adding herbs to a cream is not an easy thing to do. Herbs in their natural state just will not mix well with the oils and waxes found in a cream base. The easiest and most common method used is to add herbal extracts, alcohol or glycerin. These are the same as are readily found in health food stores. The problem with adding alcohol extracts is that only small amounts can be added without the cream becoming too thin and/or smelling like alcohol! This also limits the potency of the cream. With glycerin, too much on the skin blocks pores and dries the skin by drawing out the moisture.

Herbal oil infusions (oil extracts), on the other hand, mix well in creams, allowing for more potent formulations. At Venus Naturals, we produce our own oil-based extracts using proprietary techniques for the best quality and highest potency. You cannot even tell it is there — the cream has only a rich, exotic scent of real jasmine! Venus Breast Enhance will not stain clothing, is absorbed very quickly by your skin and has no lingering odours.

Venus Breast Enhance is made with extra virgin olive oil herbal extracts. Olive oil, especially the extra virgin variety (cold-pressed), is excellent for the skin for the following reasons:

I am so confident that Venus Breast Enhance will work for you that I invite you to try it at no risk. If for any reason you are unhappy with the product, return the unused portion within 90 days and we will refund your money, no questions asked! (see below for our guarantee and refund policy, privacy issues and customer discount plan)

Our Guarantee and Refund Policy

Products by Venus Naturals come with a “satisfaction guaranteed” policy or your money back, subject to the following conditions:

To request a refund, you must contact us and request instructions

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